What people usually talk about with respect to a company is the secret of its success. In our case, for years now, this secret is no longer a secret among our customers and the market in general. We are everywhere, immediately and effectively on the side of our customers, wherever there is an access problem. We discuss the requirements that arise on site and suggest the suitable solution.

Therefore, the secret for our success is our presence on the side of our customers, with expertise and flexibility. With two stores in Greece and a perfectly organized logistics system, but also thanks to our smooth cooperation with all mateco group branches across Europe, we are safely by your side … whenever and wherever you may need us.

Indisputably, your success is a priority for us. Beyond consulting services and high tech equipment, it is our obligation to provide you with absolute safety without any compromise. Safety for us is not just a notion – it is a way of thinking and we apply it in all our services in practice.

When we talk about safety, mateco does not leave anything to chance. Our latest technology equipment, correct and informed training by experienced certified operators and the printed information material on prevention of accidents, guarantee absolute safety when using the mateco access and environment care equipment.

Conclusion: a comprehensive philosophy. With safety.