It is no coincidence that the word ” mateco ” today is synonymous with advanced access equipment at any worksite.  With just a phone call and the classic phrase: “We need a mateco !” our customers express all that they have received from our company’s access equipment rental services for over  twenty years.    

     The company was established in 1997 as a subsidiary of the mateco AG Group, one of the largest groups in the access equipment rental sector on a pan European level.  Specialized knowledge in the application of high tech equipment enabled us from the very beginning to suggest the correct, safe solution for every access requirement.  Safe work in heights remains to this date at the center of our efforts without any compromise.  Uninterrupted renewal of our rental fleet with equipment of the latest technology, strict technical control and maintenance by specialized technicians combined with constant information received from equipment manufacturers in Europe and the US, resulted in our having at our disposal 450 lift equipment of various types and capabilities in two stores in Athens, Thessaloniki so we can offer 24-hour online operation. 

      This network of stores, combined with a perfectly organized logistics department, enables our company’s experienced consultants to expertly and consistently study your needs and deliver to you the suitable equipment within just a few hours. 

      Since caring for the environment has become imperative, during the last years we incorporated into our range of equipment the essential high tech equipment for projects such as removing snow, cutting weeds and cleaning roads and beaches.  Especially trained consultants are ready to solve every environment problem you may face, during winter or summer!